Bocce Ball in Schaumburg

Come and play bocce ball in Schaumburg – a relative of lawn bowling and a fun outdoor activity for groups of all sizes. We have two outside bocci courts near Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, available daily.

• Bocce courts are first-come, first-served
• Check in with the host to play; reservations cannot be made in advance
• Bocce is FREE to play at City Works (just check in with the host for equipment)
• Available to reserve for your social or corporate event! Inquire here.

What is bocce ball?

Bocce (sometimes bocci) is a ball game that was first played in Ancient Rome, developed into its present form in Italy, and was spread across the world from there.

The game is played with spherical balls (with no bias, unlike lawn bowling) and a smaller ‘jack’ (traditionally called a boccino or ‘little bocce’). The concept and scoring will seem similar to anyone who is familiar with boules, lawn bowling, or even curling.

Today, bocce is a leisurely yet competitive way to spend a few fun-filled hours with friends, enjoying the outdoors. The best part? One hand is free while you’re playing, making this the ideal game to enjoy with a beverage.

How do you play bocce ball?

We won’t recreate the wheel, Wiki sums it up nicely with a handy guide here: