City Works Arsenal Yards
City Works Arsenal Yards
City Works Arsenal Yards

City Works

Eatery & Pour House

Opened July 22, 2020

We are very excited to be in Watertown! Our eatery and “pour house” is located in the Arsenal Yards complex off Arsenal Yards Blvd., a convenient location in the Watertown area.

City Works has 8,429 sq. ft. of indoor dining space, a spacious outdoor patio, and an upbeat, vibrant atmosphere.

We enjoy sharing our love of sports and music, and show an array of events on our many flatscreen HDTVs with state-of-the-art audio.

Food and Drink

City Works is an ‘eatery and pour house’ style restaurant, with a focus on classic American food with brilliant twists, an impressive selection of drinks, and an upbeat, energetic atmosphere. We offer 90 craft beers on draft, as well as 8 varieties of wine, which offers the benefits of freshness, consistency, and zero waste.

We feature rare and special beer tappings from breweries around the world, but dedicate 40% of our lineup to local breweries. In Watertown, we’ll celebrate selections from Massachusetts and the east coast. Many beers are in limited supply, so we’re fortunate to get our hands on them in order to share with our beer-loving friends.

We’ll showcase a “Rock n Roll Brunch” on the weekends until 3pm. Themed menu items, rockstar service and rock n’ roll music set the stage for ideal weekend dining. The new brunch menu includes dishes such as Chak Shuka Khan with spicy tomato sauce, sunny side up eggs, goat cheese, and a toasted garlic baguette, and The Clash Smash with smashed avocado on toasted challah with roasted corn, pickled red onion, shaved radish, and sliced hard-boiled egg. Groups can indulge in shareable dishes like the Jon Bun Jovi, a warm jumbo cinnamon roll with vanilla icing, and Dock of the Beignets derived from Café du Monde’s famous recipe for French doughnuts served with chocolate hazelnut sauce and mixed berry jam for dipping.

We are so happy to join the Watertown community, and we hope you get the chance to visit us soon.

The City Works Team